Fundamental Computer Operation Training in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria

Maximum Duration: 1 Month

Duration: 1 Month (3 Times per Week)
Classroom Training: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Classroom Training: ₦50,000

Programs Included in Certificate in Basic Computer Operation

  • Introduction to Computer.
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Word
  • Printing
  • Scanning
  • Internet Training

Who This Course Is For:

No Prerequisite
For a typical beginner who has little or no experience in using computers. If you have never used a computer before, do not worry - that's why we start this course with Introduction to Computer, to make you comfortable first. In less than a week after starting this course, your face would be all smiles, as you become more comfortable and confident using a computer to accomplish tasks.

A Certificate Will Be Awarded After Completing The Course

After you have satisfactorily completed your computer training at FlamyTech Computer School, we will award you our Certificate in Basic Computer Operation. Please, note that FlamyTech is duly registered in Nigeria with RC: 1195702. So, there's no cause to worry about the recognition of our certificate.

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