Diploma in Business Computing and Data Processing

Maximum Duration: 2 Months

Programs Included in Diploma in Business Computing & Data Processing

  • Introduction to Computer.
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • CorelDraw

Who This Course Is For:

No Prerequisite
Our Diploma in Business Computing and Data Processing is designed for those who want to combine word processing with proper record keeping and graphic designing. This course is a combination of our Diploma in Desktop Publishing and Diploma in Data Processing. If you're a beginner who has little or no experience in using computers, do not worry: you can learn the course at FlamyTech. If you're not used to using a computer, there's no cause for alarm, because we start this course with Introduction to Computer, to make you comfortable first. In a few days after starting this course, you'd surely become more comfortable and confident using computer to create professional-looking documents.

A Diploma Will Be Issued To You Upon Course Completion

After successfully completing your computer training with us, FlamyTech Computer School will award you our Diploma in Business Computing & Data Processing. Please, note that FlamyTech Computers Limited is duly registered in Nigeria with RC: 1195702. So, there's no point to worry about recognition of our diploma.

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