C# and .NET Core Programming

C# Programming and .NET Core Training in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria
Duration: 4 Months - 3 Times per Week
Classroom Training: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
Online Training: Flexible Days and Timing

Classroom Training: ₦550,000
Online Group Training: ₦650,000
Home Training: The cost depends on your location
One-on-One Online Training: ₦1,100,000
Home Training: Cost depends on your location

Diploma in C# and .NET Core Programming Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to C#
  • C# Syntax
  • C# Output
  • C# Comments
  • C# Variables
  • C# Data Types
  • C# Type Casting
  • C# User Input
  • C# Operators
  • C# Math
  • C# Strings
  • C# Booleans
  • C# If...Else
  • C# Switch
  • C# While Loop
  • C# For Loop
  • C# Break/Continue
  • C# Arrays

C# Methods

  • C# Methods
  • C# Method Parameters
  • C# Method Overloading

C# Classes

  • C# OOP
  • C# Classes/Objects
  • C# Class Members
  • C# Constructors
  • C# Access Modifiers
  • C# Properties
  • C# Inheritance
  • C# Polymorphism
  • C# Abstraction
  • C# Interface
  • C# Enums
  • C# Files
  • C# Exceptions

.NET Core

  • Introduction to ASP.NET Core
  • .NET Core
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Install .NET Core
  • Create ASP.NET Core App
  • Project Structure
    • wwwroot
    • Program.cs
    • Startup.cs
  • Command-line Interface
  • Dependency Injection
    • Built-in IoC Container
  • Middleware
    • Add Custom Middleware
    • Configure Default File
  • Environment Variable
  • Exception Handling
  • Serving Static Files
    • Serving Static Files
      From Other Folder
  • Logging in .NET Core
  • Logging in ASP.NET Core
  • .NET Core Application Types
  • Code Sharing
  • Target Multiple Frameworks

C# is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm programming language. C# encompasses static typing, strong typing, lexically scoped, imperative, declarative, functional, generic, object-oriented (class-based), and component-oriented programming disciplines.

.NET Core is a modular, cross-platform, and open source software development framework, maintained by Microsoft, that is used to build Windows, Web, and Mobile applications for Windows, Linux and OS X platforms.

.NET Core Framework can be used to build different types of applications such as mobile, desktop, web, cloud, IoT, machine learning, microservices, game, etc.

Who C# Programming Course Is For:

Our Diploma in C# Programming training is for those who desire writing code using object-oriented programming language. This course is also for you if you have ever wanted to understand how a computer really works.


Basic computer knowledge is required as a prerequisite. The Diploma in C# Programming course assumes each student already has a fundamental knowledge of computer usage, but it does not require any prior programming skill.

Why You Should Learn C# Programming Language:

Job Prospects:

C#, perhaps with some C and associated skill sets, is everything in today's finance, high-frequency traders, hedge funds, banks, and exchanges. Almost everyone in Fintech needs C#. Similarly, there are jobs waiting for you as a C# programmer in telecommunications, embedded systems, and oil and gas sectors. There are lucrative employment opportunities that await you in the labour market, after completing your training at FlamyTech Computer School.

And the Job Opportunities include, but not limited to:
  • C# Developer
  • C# Software Engineer
  • C# Programmer/Analyst

A Diploma Will Be Given Upon Course Completion

After successfully completing your C# Programming training at FlamyTech Computer School, the Management will award you a Diploma in C# Programming. Please, note that FlamyTech is duly-registered in Nigeria with RC: 1195702. So, never worry, because the diploma we award is recognized.

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