Learn Java Programming (Java SE & Java EE) in Lagos, Nigeria

Java Programming in Surulere, Lagos
Duration: 4 Months - 3 Times per Week
Classroom Training: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
Online Training: Flexible Days and Timing

Classroom Training: ₦550,000
Online Group Training: ₦650,000
One-on-One Online Training: ₦1,100,000
Home Training: Cost depends on your location

Java Programming Course Curriculum

Core Java (Java SE)

  • Introduction to Java
  • Variables
  • Strings
  • Mathematical Operators
  • Methods (Functions)
  • Boolean Logic & Else If Statement
  • Loops
  • For Loop, While Loop and Do-While Loop
  • Arrays
  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Constructors (OOP)
  • Array Lists
  • Try Catch Functions
  • File Reading & Writing
  • Switch/Enumerations

Java EE

  • JSP and Servlets
  • Java Server Faces (JSF)
  • Hibernate Framework
  • Spring Framework
    • Spring Bean
    • Spring Boot Web App Configuration
    • Spring MVC Form Handling
    • Spring Boot Thymeleaf Hello World
    • Run Spring Boot Application From Command Line
    • Spring Boot Architecture Diagram And Components
    • Spring Security Form Login Using Database
    • Spring Dependency Injection Tutorial
    • Spring Boot With Mysql Database
    • Spring Security Hibernate Annotation Example
    • Spring Boot Configuration Properties
    • Spring Callback Methods
    • Spring Security Remember Me
    • Setter Based Dependency Injection
    • Spring Security Login
    • Spring IoC Container Types
    • Eclipse Maven Spring MVC Project
    • Spring Spel Method Invocation Example
    • Spring Bean Scopes
    • Spring Boot + Spring MVC + Maven + JSP

Java is one of the programming languages that are in hot demand. And is used in a wide range of applications across all types of industries. At FlamyTech Computer School, we're committed to help you develop your Java programming skills and advance your career. Learn to enhance your code by using fundamental data structures and powerful algorithms in Java.

You will learn coding in Java in an easy, fun and interactive way. The trainer kicks of the course by first introducing the Java programming language to students, installation of Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE), before diving into the core concept of coding in Java.

Who Java Programming Course Is For:

Our Diploma in Java Programming training is for those who wnat to get their hands dirty with writing code and debugging.


Basic computer knowledge is required as a prerequisite. The Diploma in Java Programming course assumes the aspiring student already has a basic knowledge of computer usage, but it does not require any specific skill.

Why You Should Learn Java Programming Language:

As follows are the reasons why you should learn Java programming language:
  • Java is Easy to Learn
    This fact is generally accepted — most of us choose Java as our first programming language because it is very easy to learn and master. With its English letter-like syntax, Java could be learnt in a short period of time and used to build powerful applications.
  • Java is Used in Real World Applications
    If you are still skeptical about Java and its worth, be advised that Java is used in highly popular websites like Twitter, Facebook.com, Amazon.com, eBay.com and LinkedIn.com. It is also used to develop enterprise applications, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud development, etc. Adding to this popularity, it is worthwhile to know that Java has a very strong development roadmap with a continuous enhancement to both security and performance.
  • Java is an Object Oriented Programming Language
    Being an Object Oriented Programming language, the Java concepts are much easier and relatable. The OOP property lends to Java a flexible, system modular, and extensible programming language. Java strongly suggests the best practices of OOP design and promotes its correct usage.
  • Tons of Online Resources at Your Disposal while Learning Java
    Being a mature programming language, there are numerous resources available online that can act as your perfect companion in the learning process. You can look for programming forums to join and get help. In fact, almost any imaginable issue related to Java has already been asked and answered on the online forums.
  • Lots of Job Opportunities
    Programmers who are versed in Java are in great demand. With a large user base, this widely-used programming language continues to create numerous, lucrative jobs in the technology industry. Moreover, the popularity of Android apps has brought along endless opportunities for an Android developer who write native apps in Java.
  • Java is Open Source
    Almost everyone loves free and open source software, right? OpenJDLK is a free and open source implementation of Java programming language. Being an open source programming language, it’s platform-independent across operating system (OS) platforms. Also, you don’t need to pay a dime to write applications in Java.
  • Java’s Rich API
    Java programming language’s Rich API can be listed among the major reasons for its success. Combine it with a wide set of tools supported by Java’s open source ecosystem and you’ve got just about everything you’ll need while working with Java.
  • Powerful Development Tools
    The powerful Java IDEs available have played a pivotal role in taking Java to the top level. Eclipse and Netbeans have made coding in Java a pleasant experience. Apart from assisting you in your code writing process, the IDEs also offer a high-level of debugging assistance to the programmers.
  • Universal Usage
    Java programming language is omnipresent. Due to its stability and scalability, you can find Java on mobile devices, desktops, large scale applications, etc. The same can also be said about Java programmers who easily outnumber other programming language coders. Java is also making a big impact in the Internet of Things (IoT) field.
  • Great Community Support
    With over ten million (10,000,000) Java programmers spread across the globe, Java community continues to grow like wild fire. Just like other open source technologies, Java promotes the noble philosophy of giving back to the society. On multiple online forums like Stackoverflow, expert Java programmers are always ready to help newcomers.

Job Prospects:

Learning Java programming opens up numerous opportunities for you. There are endless employment opportunities that await you in the labour market, after completing your training at FlamyTech Computer School.

And the Job Opportunities include, but not limited to:
  • Java Developer
  • Junior Java Developer
  • Java Software Engineer
  • Java Programmer
  • Java Programmer Analyst

A Diploma Will Be Given Upon Course Completion

After successfully completing your Java Programming training at FlamyTech Computer School, the Management will award you a Diploma in Java Programming. Please, note that FlamyTech is duly-registered in Nigeria with RC: 1195702. So, never worry, because the diploma we award is recognized.

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