Learn R Programming Language in Lagos, Nigeria or Online

Learn R Programming Course in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria or Online
Duration: 1 Month and 2 Weeks - 3 Times per Week
Classroom Training: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
Online Training: Flexible Days and Timing

Classroom Training: ₦300,000
Online Group Training: ₦400,000
One-on-One Online Training: ₦600,000
Home Training: Cost Depends on Your Location

Programs Included in Diploma in R Programming

  • Introduction to R Programming
  • Getting Started with R Programming
  • R Syntax
  • R Comments
  • R Variables
  • R Data Types
  • R Numbers
  • R Math
  • R Strings
  • R Logical/Booleans
  • R Operators
  • R If...Else
  • R While Loop
  • R For Loop
  • R Functions

R Data Structures

  • R Vectors
  • R Lists
  • R Matrices
  • R Arrays
  • R Data Frames
  • R Factors

R Graphics

  • R Plot
  • R Line
  • R Scatterplot
  • R Pie Charts
  • R Bars

R Statistics

  • Introduction to R Statistics
  • R Data Set
  • R Max and Min
  • R Mean Median Mode
  • R Percentiles

R is an interpreted programming language often used for statistical computing and graphical presentation to analyze and visualize data. It is supported by the R Core Team and the R Foundation for Statistical Computing. R is used among data miners, bioinformaticians and statisticians for data analysis and developing statistical software.

Why You Should Learn R Programming Language:

There are various reasons to learn R Programming Language, and we have listed the major ones that will surely answer your question.

  • R is a gateway to Lucrative Career
    R language is used extensively in Data Science. This field offers some of the highest-paying jobs in the world today. Data Scientists who are proficient in R make more than $110,000, on an average, per year. If you want to enter the field of Data Science and earn a lucrative salary, then you should consider learning R Programming Language.

  • R is the Lingua Franca for Statistical Analysis & Data Science
    R is a statistical software created by statisticians for statisticians. From finding simple measures of central tendency to building complex statistical models, R is the go-to language for any type of statistical analysis.

  • Top Companies Use R programming
    World-class companies utilize R programming, and as follows are just a few of them:
    Facebook uses R for behavioral analysis related to status updates and profile pictures.
    Google uses R for advertising effectiveness and economic forecasting
    Twitter uses R for data visualization and semantic clustering.
    Ford uses R to enhance vehicle designs.

  • R is used to Create Stunning Visualization
    R provides packages such as ggplot2, ggvis and plotly to create stunning visualizations. These packages help in creating print-quality graphs which can be published in any international magazine.

    R is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry because of its high-quality graphics, which come in handy during experimental procedures.

  • R Has a Comprehensive Library
    R provides more than 10,000 packages and lakhs of inbuilt functions catering to diverse needs. There are packages for Data Manipulation, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Statistical Modeling, Imputation and a whole lot of other packages to play around with. So, whatever your need is, R springs up a package from its hat to help you out.

    Since R is open source, you can create your own package and contribute to the community.

Job Prospects:

After acquiring the required skill sets in R programming language, as follows are some of the lucrative job poistions that await you:

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Financial Analyst

A Diploma Will Be Given Upon Course Completion

After successfully completing your R Programming training at FlamyTech Computer School, the Management will award you a Diploma in R Programming. Please, note that FlamyTech is duly-registered in Nigeria with RC: 1195702. So, never worry, because the diploma we award is recognized.

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