General Refund Policy

FlamyTech is an IT Training Institute that strives to provide top-notch computer education services for each of our students. And we want to make clear on this page our General Refund Policy, which is legally-binding. And by paying us to train you, we take it that you have read all the items on this policy and fully accepted them.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

FlamyTech Computer School must refund all monies paid, if the training applicant is not accepted. This includes instances where a starting class is cancelled by the school.

Your Legal Right

You have a legal right to cancel your policy for any reason, (subject to no claims having occurred) within seven (7) days of course payment, henceforth referred to as the POLICY INCEPTION. If you wish to cancel a policy and apply for a full refund, you must advise us in writing, prior to expiry of the seven (7) day cancellation period to our usual office address. Refund payments will be made within five (5) working days of receipt of your policy cancellation and refund application. No refund will be made after this seven (7) day cooling off period.

No Refund Policy

FlamyTech includes an obvious clause in this General Refund Policy that explains that we don’t accept applications for refunds after seven (7) days of payment. You're only qualified for refund within seven (7) days of course training payment. After the expiration of the seven (7) days, you do not qualify for refunds, or exchanges. By being clear about our no refund conditions up front, we’re setting the expectations for our students and answering key questions such as:

What services does the no refund policy apply to?

When does the no refund policy take effect (i.e., are course registrations only non-refundable after a certain period)?

Are there exceptions to the policy (e.g., presumed faulty training delivery, delays, technical errors)?